Tuesday, June 16, 2009

transcript of the manifestation speech of Rep Jun Alcover of ANAD Partylist 27 May 2009

REP. OCAMPO. ... to our new colleagues in the House,who have been issuing public statements denouncing us as supposed pseudo party-lists. They are bringing the ideological debate in this Chamber and we are ready for them. But they have not stood up here. They have been speaking out everywhere like what they are doing with these OBs. I beg excuse from my colleagues for being emotional about this thing. As head of the Bayan Muna, I feel so outraged that people, very honest workers of our
organizations, are being killed like that. And yet, the Armed Forces has the temerity to say that we are inventing these killings, that we are killing our own people to blame them. That is the height of distortion, the height of lying, and we
can understand that because the very head of this government is a liar.

REP. ALCOVER. Mme. Speaker.

REP. AGBAYANI. Mme. Speaker.

REP. CERILLES. Mme. Speaker.

REP. AGBAYANI. The Hon. Alcover would like to be recognized, Mme. Speaker.

REP. CERILLES. Mme. Speaker, may I come out with my manifestation.

REP. ALCOVER. This is a manifestation.

REP. AGBAYANI. The Hon. Alcover stood up first, Mme. Speaker.

REP. CERILLES. I was standing here all along before he stood up there.

REP. AGBAYANI. He was standing there, Mme. Speaker, before the Gentleman stood up. They will both have their chances, Mme. Speaker, but we are just honoring the order of battle.

REP. ALCOVER. Mme. Speaker.

THE DEPUTY SPEAKER (Rep. Villarosa). The Hon. Alcover is recognized.

REP. ALCOVER. Gusto ko lang ma-emphasize dito at gusto ko lang ipaabot sa lahat na hindi ito pagdedepensa sa military. Kasi, I understand from the remark of the honorable Gentleman from Bayan Muna that they are being branded as communists by the military and this government. Mme. Speaker, I was once a member of the Communist
Party. I was once a member of the Maoist Communist Party in this country. I was recruited when I was still in high school and that was way back early ’69. I was detained and released from the stockade 10 years after. Mme. Speaker, sa sinasabi ng Bayan Muna Representative na sila raw ay palaging binabatikos, na sila ay mga pronta ng Communist Party, hindi nila masisisi ang gobyerno. Ang sisihin nila ay ang boss nila na si Jose Maria Sison. Because according to Jose Maria Sison, in his speech
in Brussels, Belgium on March 4, 1987, various forms of national democratic rganizations wage various forms of struggles. These are engaged in legal struggle and there are those who engage in armed revolution. Examples would be the Communist Party of the Philippines, the New People’s Army and the National Democratic Front.
There are three processes by which the Philippine revolution is to be advanced. These include the building of the CPP, the building of the NPA and the building of the National Democratic Front. I believe this party-list headed by Congressman Satur Ocampo is part of the National Democratic Front. At any rate, even while there are forces of armed revolution, there are legal democratic forces in the Philippines, the biggest of these is the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan, in short, Bayan. Its biggest component organizations are Kilusang Mayo Uno, which is the labor center; the Pambansang Kilusang Magbubukid or the Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas or KMP; Gabriela; the Women’s Alliance; League of Filipino Students; Alliance of
Concerned Teachers; Kadena and so on. At the moment, the most consolidated expression of the National United Front is the underground. It is a united front for armed revolution and it is the NDF. The National United Front, however, is
not only for the purpose of armed struggle, it is also for legal struggle. There has to be a combination of the two forms of struggle. Ito ngayon, wala itong personalan.
Mme. Speaker, I am here to tell the truth because we graduated from the same university, the Maoist University. I graduated in Samar from this Maoist University. And the teaching of the Maoist is that you join the government to destroy the government; you use democracy to destroy democracy. That is why we believe that these Party-Lists Bayan Muna, Anakpawis, Gabriela and Kabataan are pseudo party-lists because they represent the violent sector in our society. They represent the manggugulo sa labas. Makikita naman ninyo kung ano ang ginagawa nila. So, I think it is high time for us to realize that they do not believe in this democracy. They are here to destroy us, to destroy this parliament. That is why ANAD Party-List is opposed to and will expose this Maoist in Congress. Because we cannot just
close our eyes seeing people killed. Masama sila, grabe sila. Kung mamatay iyong grupo nila, ang dada nila, ang ingay nila. Ngunit kung ang mga sundalo o mga civilians na kampi sa gobyerno ang pinapatay nila, wala silang sinasabi. Wala
sila. It is always all right. Look what happened to Congressman Garay, sinunog
iyong farm niya ng mga NPA. And Congressman Garay challenged the so-called progressive bloc to denounce what the NPA did to his farm. Did we hear something from the socalled progressive bloc? Mme. Speaker, ito ang itinuturo sa amin, huwag kayong tatanggap. Huwag ninyong tanggapin in public that you are a communist. Sabihin ninyo, kayo ay mga progresibo. Sabihin ninyo, kayo ay member ng National Democratic Front. Sabihin ninyo, kayo ay member ng National Democratic Activist, democratic movement. And they will never admit that they are communists. But now, I am challenging these four party-lists. I am challenging them to denounce communism, the violent Maoist communism in this country, and renounce their membership to the Communist Party. Because it is known to the public that Congressman Satur Ocampo was once the spokesman of the NDF. And the NDF is part of the machinery of the Maoist Communist Party. But do we hear from Congressman Satur Ocampo denouncing his membership with the Maoist Communist Party? So, if they want us to shake hands with them, then they have to denounce violence, they have to denounce the atrocities
committed by the terrorist communist party.


THE DEPUTY SPEAKER (Rep. Villarosa). The session is suspended.

It was 8:03 p.m.

At 8:07 p.m., the session was resumed.

THE DEPUTY SPEAKER (Rep. Villarosa). The session is resumed.The Floor Leader is recognized.

REP. AGBAYANI. Mme. Speaker, it is my understanding that the Hon. Alcover has ended his manifestation. I now move, Mme. Speaker, that we recognize the Hon. Tony Cerilles who is next in the order.


REP. CERILLES. In the order of recognition, Mme. Speaker.

THE DEPUTY SPEAKER (Rep. Villarosa). The Hon. Tony Cerilles is recognized. He may please proceed.

REP. CERILLES. Thank you, Mme. Speaker. I sympathize with my colleague, Congressman
Maglunsod, on his fear for his life that is why this Congress has to strengthen the justice system that we have. Because if we have a strong justice system, everybody can be protected. No country for that matter could come out with an honest-to-goodness development if we have a weak justice system. Mme. Speaker, it is high time we review our legislative agenda. If the judiciary, which is the prosecuting arm, the enforcement and all of these are calibrated, I am sure every Juan dela Cruz in this country would feel safe. It is funny to listen to and look at colleagues who belong to this Congress attacking agencies of this institution, with their lives being threatened. But I would challenge this Congress to use the power of the purse because that is the best weapon of the House of Representatives. Any agency, for that matter, would be asked by us, “Are you doing your job? Are you protecting
the people? Are you helping the Filipino people?” That should be the attitude of this Congress, Mme. Speaker, so that in the long run, we can make every Filipino feel safe especially the Members of Congress. Thank you, Mme. Speaker.

THE DEPUTY SPEAKER (Rep. Villarosa). The Floor Leader is recognized.

REP. AGBAYANI. Mme. Speaker, the Honorable Liza Maza would like to be recognized.

THE DEPUTY SPEAKER (Rep. Villarosa). The Honorable Liza Maza is recognized.

REP. MAZA. Thank you, Mme. Speaker. I would not have wanted to dignify the frothing-in-themouth manifestation of Mr. Alcover, but nevertheless I would like to manifest, Mme. Speaker, my dear colleagues, what Congressman Satur Ocampo had said earlier, na ito pong mga akusasyon na ito ay mga lumang tugtugin na, na laman ng kaso ng rebelyon na isinampa laban sa Batasan 5, kasama na si Congressman Crispin Beltran. Ang kaso pong ito ay dumaan sa proseso ng pagdinig hanggang sa Korte Suprema, at ang kaso na ito ay ibinasura ng Korte Suprema at kinastigo ng Korte Suprema ang Department of Justice, si Secretary Raul Gonzales, sa paggamit nito sa posisyon para magsampa ng gawa-gawang kaso laban kay Congressman Satur Ocampo, laban sa akin, laban
kay Congressman Teddy CasiƱo, laban kay Congressman Joel Virador, laban kay Congressman Crispin Beltran at laban kay Congressman Rafael Mariano. Itong mga sinasabi ni Congressman Alcover, kung siya ay hindi pa satisfied sa desisyon ng Korte Suprema ay kailangan niyang maghapag ng pruweba sa sinasabi niya na kami ay walang ginagawa na maganda sa Kongresong ito. Let him prove his accusation, Mme. Speaker, my dear colleagues; otherwise, if he cannot prove his accusation, then shut up and shut up now. Thank you, Mme. Speaker.

THE DEPUTY SPEAKER (Rep. Villarosa). The Majority Leader is recognized.


REP. DEFENSOR (A.). Mme. Speaker, due to the lateness of the hour, I move that we adjourn the session until four o’clock tomorrow afternoon.

THE DEPUTY SPEAKER (Rep. Villarosa). The session is adjourned until four o’clock tomorrow afternoon, May 28, 2009.

It was 8:12 p.m.

Transcript of the 29 May 2009 manifestation speech of Rep Jun Alcover of ANAD Partylist

THE DEPUTY SPEAKER (Rep. Villarosa). The Gentleman will please proceed.

REP. ALCOVER. Ang sabi ni Liza Maza, iyong mga sinasabi ko, lumang tugtugin daw iyon. Hindi niya sinasagot na hindi ako ang nagsabi noon. In fact, I quoted the speech of their boss, Jose Maria Sison, noong March 4, 1987 in Belgium, Brussels. It was Joma who admitted in his speech na itong Bayan Muna, itong Gabriela, itong LFS, et cetera,are members of the front organization of the Communist Party under the National Democratic Front. Pero nagsabi si Liza Maza na lumang tugtugin na raw iyan. In short, tugtugin pa rin, luma lang. They have not admitted it. But in short, tumutugtog pa. Hindi niya sinasagot iyong issue ko. Another thing, dinivert nila iyong issue. I did not mention about the Supreme Court decision. I did not mention about the Batasan 5. Ang sinasabi nila, I have to prove daw, I have to go to the Supreme Court kasi mayroon na daw decision ang Supreme Court. Wala akong sinasabi about Supreme Court. Ang tsina-challenge ko ay sila; if they are willing to denounce violence and renounce their membership in the Communist Party. Hindi nila sinasagot iyan. Congressman Satur Ocampo was very emotional nang nalaman niya na may grupo daw na nagsasabi that they are pseudo party-list. Congressman Satur Ocampo, sa inyo ito. I read in the Ang Bayan, the official publication of the Communist Party of the Philippines, dated March 7, kayo ang nauna. Inunahan ninyo kami. Ang sabi ninyo, kami ay mga bogus party-list, kami ni Congressman Palparan, si Kakusa at si Ang Kasangga. Kayo ang nauna pagkatapos naging emotional kayo. Sinasabi ko rin na kayo ay pseudo party-list because you represent the violent sector of our society. You represent the Maoist NPA in this society. Please do not use this Congress in your propaganda offensive. I understand it, and sinasabi ko nga, I graduated from the same university, the Maoist University. They taught us to wage a propaganda of warfare kasi ang sabi ni Mao Tse Tung, “In this kind of war, propaganda plays a very important role.” Whoever wins in the propaganda, wins the war. And please do not use this Congress in your propaganda warfare. I understand and I know that you have mastered that art, that art of deception.Ang challenge ko sa inyo ay sagutin ninyo. Kailangang sagutin ninyo or else wakasan na ninyo ang maskara ninyo, kasi legal na ang Communist Party of the Philippines, legal na, wala na kayong kinatatakutan.

REP. GUINGONA. Mme. Speaker, point of order.

REP. ALCOVER. So, in short ...

REP. GUINGONA. Mme. Speaker.

REP. GUINGONA. Mme. Speaker, point of order.

REP. ALCOVER. So, in short ...

REP. GUINGONA. Mme. Speaker.

THE DEPUTY SPEAKER (Rep. Villarosa). For awhile,
please, Congressman Alcover. What is the point of order of the Hon. Guingona?

REP. GUINGONA. Mme. Speaker, the utterances are clearly no longer a manifestation. It is already a speech. There is a clear line between a manifestation and a privilege speech,and obviously he has ransgressed that line. I therefore move that we strike it off the records.


THE DEPUTY SPEAKER (Rep. Villarosa). The session is suspended.

It was 6:27 p.m.


At 6:34 p.m., the session was resumed.

THE DEPUTY SPEAKER (Rep. Villarosa). The session is resumed. The Floor Leader is recognized.

REP. GUINGONA. Mme. Speaker.

THE DEPUTY SPEAKER (Rep. Villarosa). Please.

REP. GUINGONA. Mme. Speaker, earlier I made a motion, I would like to withdraw that motion.

THE DEPUTY SPEAKER (Rep. Villarosa). All right. Is there any objection? (Applause) The Chair hears none; the motion to withdraw the previous motion is approved.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Maoist way of celebrating Philippine Independence: NPA burns Globe tower

Camp Panacan, Davao City – The NPA rebels burned another Globe communication site in Barangay Macangao, Lupon, Davao Oriental last night at 11:00pm.

The said burning happened when everyone is preparing for the 111th Philippine Independence Day celebration today.

Field report revealed that more than 10 rebels under Guerilla Front 18 of the Southern Mindanao Regional Committee forcibly broke in the fenced tower by cutting the wires of the gate and destroyed the padlock.

“No resistance occurred as there were no security personnel at the time of the incident. The rebels destroyed the tower equipments and eventually burned it using gasoline”, said Second Lieutenant Isis Achanzar, the Public Affairs Officer of the 28th Infantry Battalion (28IB) based in Barangay Poblacion in Lupon.

“Ang kanilang ginawa panahon sa pagdiriwang ng ating kalayaan ay nagpapatunay na hindi nila ito nirerespeto. Pinapakita din nila na hindi sila ayon sa progreso o pagasenso ng Davao Oriental sa pagsira nila sa milyong halaga ng nasabing Globe tower. Ito ay simpleng pagtaboy sa mga investors na nagbibigay ng hanap buhay sa mga tao,” added Achanzar.

Globe Communications was known to be a non-supporter of the revolutionary taxation of the CPP-NPA-NDF.

Meanwhile, Lt Colonel Leo Lazarro Budeng, Commander of the 28IB has directed his troops for a pursuit operation immediately after the reported incident and he has set-up checkpoints at strategic areas to block possible route of withdrawal of the rebels.
Army troops recover firearms, explosives and one NPA dead

Camp Panacan, Davao City – Operating troops from 1001st Infantry Brigade encountered more than 30 NPA rebels under Guerilla Front 2 in Sitio Lantawan, Barangay Napnapan Pantukan, Compostela Valley Province at 2:45pm today.

The troops were able to overrun the harbor site of the NPAs which was laid with anti-personnel (pressurized) mines.

Recovered at the encounter site are one M16 (Colt) and one M14 (Winchester) rifles, one set rigged C4 Improvised Explosive Device (IED), one set rigged Claymore mine IED, detonating cords, blasting caps, one ICOM radio with name “Pulang Bagani Command Alex” and one PNP security tag of APEX mining with pass ID #0001.

The said encounter was the result of the continuous pursuit operations conducted by the unit after the troops overrun an NPA encampment also in Bgy Napnapan last June 2 wherein the troops recover three high-powered firearms.

No reported casualty on the troops while one dead NPA was left by the fleeing rebels.

Meanwhile, local residents reported to the troops that they saw more than 10 NPA members that were wounded while being carried along by their comrades using three “habal-habal”, a commuter motorcycle.

Field report revealed that the same group of rebels was responsible during the raid of APEX mining in Maco town last May 29 wherein they were able to seized five high-powered firearms from the mining guards.

Colonel Romeo Calizo, Commander of 1001st Brigade said, “We will continually track down these lazy bandits and make them responsible for the crimes they have committed to the people. They are nothing but band of criminals who make extortion activities as their way of living.”

The 10th Infantry Division recently encountered the NPAs in Sitio Cabuley, Bgy Kapatagan last June 8 that resulted to the recovery of three high powered rifles, capture of one NPA member and discovery of their encampment.

Major Reynaldo Mapagu said, “The support of the civilians in the area was the key to our success. This simply means that the general public wants peace and progress, not an armed struggle.”

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

HR1109 should be viewed in a wider context and not only on PGMA’s term extension, says Rep. Alcover

The ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) calls on all Filipinos to take a serious look on the need to amend some provisions of our Constitution and not harp solely on the issue on the extension of the term of office of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. The main issue here is not President Arroyo but on what is best for our people and country. I voted in the affirmative for House Resolution 1109 to make our constitution more attuned and responsive to the call of the times.

ANAD believes that putting in place a Unicameral System or a Federal form of government could be the best move to make as these would save more than enough funds that the government could use to strengthen our democratic institutions and people’s well being. In the present bicameral system, the upper house or the Senate, aside from practically unnecessary duplicating the legislative functions with the House of Representatives, could be a good avenue for corruption especially during elections where each candidate conducts a nationwide campaign for a seat in the Senate. This entails a lot of money to spend. The next question then would be – How would these candidate recover the money they used during the campaign? The present presidential-bi-cameral form of government is definitely weak. Obviously, this breeds corruption from the top to the lowest rung of governance.

A federal form of government is also a wise and good move considering the devolution and decentralization of power and authority from the seat of national governance to the different regions of the country.

The issue of PGMA’s possible extension of office is an issue raised and twisted to high heavens by the Maoist communist agitators and pseudo partylist groups because:
1. They abhor and disliked a change in our constitution, either in form or substance. Any change of system would negate all of their intentions and motives in conducting street protests and other anti-government actions;
2. The demented minds of Maoist communist agitator-propagandists’ choice is to constantly target PGMA because they prefer the present set-up of government in support to their political aspiration of putting 3 of their cohorts in the Senate, through their communist front political party MAKABAYAN. If this happens, it is just a few steps away from the penultimate position of power in government; and
3. They wanted this condition because it feeds on their appetite to sow discontent, disinformation, and public disorder among Filipinos and even the international community of nations.

Why are those against HR 1109 harping on this concern if they believe that the President does not have the support of the majority of the Filipinos? Why were the Maoist communist agitators, especially those in the pseudo Partylist groups, silent and never protested nor questioned then President Corazon Aquino’s appointing members of the Constitutional Commission in l986 and not truly reflective of the people’s mandate? The truth of the matter is that they are afraid of their own shadow. This is the very same shadow that they themselves created! They are now totally out of touch with reality. Their only motivation is putting in place a situation in furtherance of their own revolutionary agenda.

Let us admit the fact that there are flaws in the l987 Constitution. These flaws need our immediate attention and action to be able to respond to the demand of our people and the call of the time. We should rise up forthwith not because of our emotions but for a more noble purpose of not allowing the Maoist communist CPP-NPA-NDF to exploit the issue.

The current situation is very serious and critical. Indeed, our country needs people who can readily stand up and ably respond to the demagoguery wrought by the Maoist agitators who have successfully influenced different sectors of the Filipino community, to include the religious.

Truly enough, ANAD will not be surprised to see these personalities on the streets during the mass actions during President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s State of the Nation Address on July 27 and chanting anti-Charter change and other anti-government slogans.

It is high time that I call on the members of the House of Representatives who voted affirmative to HR 1109 to come out into the open and explain their respective position. We have our sworn duty and obligation to explain this to our people. A united front on pro-charter change must be established and mobilized to explain to the people the whys, wherefores, and other imperatives appurtenant to HR 1109 and not to leave it up to any one man alone.

The same call holds true for government and all freedom loving Filipinos. There is only way to enlighten our people. This will only happen if we “come out of our own cowardly shells.” Our continued silence is only what the enemies of freedom and democracy wanted.

We must always be reminded of British statesman Edmund Burke who said - - - ALL THAT IS NECESSARY FOR EVIL TO TRIUMPH IS WHEN GOOD MEN DO NOTHING.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

ANAD condemns the death of 1-yr old child in Northern Samar

Contrary to their propaganda ploy, the Maoist communist New Peoples Army (NPA) are on a rampage and shedding any vistages of their cover and showing that indeed they are the so-called “wolves” who devour our people of their precious life and of being extortionists, in the highest level.

This the reaction of the ALLIANCE FOR NATIONALISM AND DEMOCRACY (ANAD) to the NPA’S latest terrorism against humanity and peace, even as it called on the pseudo partylist congressmen to continue playing deaf and dumb to the barbarism committed by their comrade in the Maoist Communist Party of the Philippines.

Rep. Jun Alcover of ANAD Partylist expressed with deep sorrow and strongly condemns the death of Shifra Ann Lira, 1 year old, a day after being brought to the Bethany Hospital in Tacloban City. Shifra, together with his 4 months pregnant mother, Adona, were injured when a grenade exploded in their house, a several meters away from a camp of the 20th Infantry Battalion, Philippine Army, that was attacked by the Maoist communist terrorist, in Brgy. Polangui, Catarman, Northern Samar at about 1:30 pm last May 30, 2009.

“We cannot say anything but feel deeply sad to Shifra’s death. What happened to her is a glaring example of the Maoist communist’s utter disregard of the sanctity and value of human life,” Alcover pointed out.

At the same time, Alcover describe the Maoist communist NPA as terrorist-extortionist par excellence as they continue with so much callousness and impunity the burning of properties owned by businesses, in the Bicol Region and other parts of the country. “We cannot give out a better picture and description of a bunch of devouring evils whose only concern is to amass more than enough funds to fuel their Maoist communist electoral aspirations in 2010,” said Alcover.

The ANAD Partylist Representative was referring to the series of property destruction by burning of heavy equipments and buildings of construction companies who refuse to heed the Maoist NPA’s demand for their so-called “revolutionary tax.”
“The latest victim is Megay Construction Company in the town of Presentacion, Camarines Sur, where several of their heavy equipments were burned after the owner refused to pay Php 6 million as demanded by the communist terrorists,” Alcover added.
“I call on all businesses, big and small, to institute counter-terrorism measures as the 2010 national elections draws near,” Alcover warned.

“At the same time, I call on the local government executives to be serious in their effort to protect and preserve the freedoms and democratic ideals of our country. Let us not waver amidst the threats being poised by these advocates of a Godless, inhuman, and evil ideology,” Alcover said.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cong. Alcover supports Cebu Gov. Garcia’s filing of charges against 3 big oil companies

The disparity in prices of oil products is so glaring that government should move-in to stop the malpractice of some oil companies perceived to be manipulating the prices of oil products sold to end consumers, in the country.

Cong. Jun Alcover of ANAD Partylist expressed his surprise upon knowing that prices of oil products in Cebu, sold by Chevron, Petron, and Shell, are higher compared to that in Cagayan de Oro, Iloilo, and Davao Cities. Alcover noted that the price of diesel fuel in Cebu is higher by Php 6.31 per liter compared to the same item sold in Manila; unleaded gasoline is Php 7.69 higher in Cebu compared to that in Manila; LPG is higher in Cebu at Php 5.78 per kilo compared to that in Manila.

Also, Alcover was surprised upon learning that the average price of gasoline products is higher in Cebu by Php 4.83 compared to Cagayan de Oro, Php 1.02 compared to that in Iloilo; and Php 3.46 per liter compared to that in Davao.
“We cannot just close our eyes to this grim reality adversely affecting the lives of Cebuanos,” said Alcover. “Indeed it is predatory pricing as it intends not to help Cebu grow but to add more burden to the Cebuanos, as a whole. Instead it helps a lot to support the communist propaganda.” Alcover added.

Cong. Alcover made this reaction as he expressed his unqualified support to Cebu Gov. Gwen Garcia’s filing of a criminal case against the 3 big oil companies before the Department of Energy-Department of Justice Task Force on Oil Deregulation. “I support Gov. Garcia’s intent of opening up the book of accounts of these companies so that we will know the truth,” Alcover pointed out.

“If there is a necessity to file a bill to amend Republic Act 8479 or otherwise known as Downstream Oil Deregulation Act of l998, then we will move for it in the Lower House,” Alcover said. “Also, if these oil companies doesn’t heed our call, then let us launch pressure actions against these 3 oil companies,” Alcover clarified.

Reference: Rey A. Salas
ANAD Spokesman
Tel. No. (02) 489-7662